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You will know about building brilliant Team Chemistry

If you are to dominate FIFA 17's FUT mode, know that it starts with building brilliant Team Chemistry. When you open it, you will take note of the active roster that's there for you, aside coloured lines connecting players on the football pitch. These lines tell you about how each player works out for the other. They're not as difficult as you might think. This may sound bizarre initially, but randomly building a team with world class talent goes right out the window the moment you turn the ball over or even worse, blow entire FUT seasons and tournaments.
Provided you're within shooting range, aiming for the post is a good starting point. Use a left-footed player on the left, or a right-footed player on the right. Apply just two bars of power when striking the ball and you should hopefully have enough power and control to get the ball up and over the wall and on target. Apply a little curl with the control stick to help as well. As always, practice makes perfect. When starting off with FUT 17, the game will ask you to name your team. 
From there you will receive a roster that will be generated at random. You will start off with the Bronze, Silver or Gold Card backings for each player. This is meant to designate a player's overall skills. At the start of the team selection you'll be asked to choose a captain. These players are usually the best in terms of overall rating you're likely to be presented across the board, but don't try to shoehorn them into your squad, they're still just one player. With FIFA 17 being much more about team build-up, having a disjointed squad will cause more problems for you than it'll solve.
As superfluous as the manager seems, make sure you preview every choice available and see which one has the biggest impact on your team. Because both a manager's nation and league benefit chemistry, it's worth seeing how many players are affected by each gaffer. If you intend to dominate FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT for short) in EA Sports’ FIFA 17, understanding the concept of team chemistry is ideal. Odds of making passes and cashing in scoring opportunities will increase if you put proper chemistry in place. In fact, you should pass over superstar talent on occasion if it means perfecting chemistry. 
Such partnerships are key to success in Ultimate Team because of how they enhance your squad's chemistry. They're both French, they both play in the Premier League for Arsenal, and I've got them both stationed in defensive midfield roles. A mere poor selection of a player can ruin your squad’s chemistry and cost you the game. Unlike earlier installments, FIFA 17 puts huge emphasis on chemistry which is the purpose of the guide. Taking a successful free kick can be a difficult task in FIFA 17 if you don't know how. Wayward efforts can either skyrocket into row Z or smash straight into the wall. 
For example, a green line means the players have outstanding chemistry. However, players with similar skills but less chemistry are yellow. Lastly, a red line means terrible chemistry, so avoid that as much as possible. The FUT calculates player chemistry via factors such as nationalities, their leagues and ex-clubs. In case you wish to maximize your team chemistry, you need to ensure that you let players play on their natural positions; in FIFA Ultimate Team. Sometimes, players tend to locate players from their natural positions to complement their unique playstyle, but this eventually translates into poor chemistry for the entire team.