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What is it and how to play Roblox?

Playing Roblox, the title that recently topped Minecraft on average monthly players, is just the beginning of the game. The authoring platform allows users to develop their own games and even make money from them. But, you can also enjoy its huge catalog of games already created without being a developer.

Roblox is an MMO (multiplayer online game) and mainly a platform for game creation and development by the users themselves. Unlike Minecraft, which is a sandbox (a game where the player can do and create whatever they want), Roblox was created as an educational tool for teaching physics concepts to children.

Originally released in 2006, it didn't take long for users to use Roblox (which was initially called DynaBlocks) to create their own multi-theme games and worlds. From there, developer Roblox Corp. opened development and made the tool a free game (out of educational focus).


Roblox allows developers to use the platform not only to distribute their games but also to monetize them with microtransactions. This way, an amateur developer, but with minimal knowledge of object-oriented programming (the game is based on Lua, a Brazilian language) can easily make money. According to Roblox Corp., some make up to $ 2 million a year.

Although a very old game, Roblox wasn't always very popular, which started to change from 2015 onwards, especially with more and more developers making more and more money. Today, the platform has more than 100 million monthly players, surpassing even games like Minecraft.

Roblox as a gaming hub is free with microtransactions. You can subscribe to the Roblox Premium monthly plan, which entitles you to a Robux “allowance” (the currency of the game) and additional perks for both players and developers.

Once inside Roblox, choose a game from the catalog available and start playing. To start creating your own games, you'll need the Roblox Studio tool, available for both Windows and macOS desktop systems.

Roblox can be only recharged by real money in the game, but it’s too expensive for most of gamers to afford .You can choose Robuxbuy.com ,we offer cheap Roblox Robux.