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This move marks a first in the FIFA Ultimate Team series

FIFA is released in September or October and the major league across the world starts from July. The game lasts for one whole year but the leagues do not. So after a year the teams probably have a new kit but the kits in the game are the same. Anyone remembers FIFA 97? Six a side football was the highlight of the game and the street rules were applied to this mode. It was one of the most popular mode in FIFA history but has been forgotten by many.
FIFA 17 will be EA’s twenty-fifth year anniversary of the game. The fans are expecting some sort of celebration and won’t it be the perfect way to acknowledge the achievement made by FIFA series. According to Reddit user HealthyBacteria. After a stunning week of football and perhaps a lackluster closure to the Transfer Window, FIFA fans can welcome a most anticipated TOTW  squad. Moments ago, EA released TOTW 21 with a host of new players and staggering new ratings.
I am among the one who is annoyed by this. But, there is very less possibility that EA will fix this. But, they should. It is fairly simple. During winter player upgrades, a new DLC is sent via a game update. This could be easily done for the kits and stadiums. FIFA 17 will include around 15 different squads with all new dark blue inform cards throughout! The players will consist of Bronze, Silver and Gold cards with upgraded stats. In this guide we’re going to predict what day you can expect to see each squad, the order of their releases and frequently asked questions relating to the FIFA 17 Team of the Season.
This move marks a first in the FIFA Ultimate Team series, which first introduced hero cards in FIFA 17. Customarily, the cards are issued for outstanding individual accomplishments, honors, or appropriately the heroics of a single player in achieving higher level team goals. New additions to FIFA 17 offers players new ways to play. The female fanbase can very much look forward to the 12 new teams consisting of women’s national players. This brings the game’s entire league/team count to an amazing level, so every player (male and female) that is your fave should be present.
Around 20 minutes prior to the hero cards first entering packs, an accidental promotion in-game unveiled that a pair of new Teams of the Season, the English Lower Levels and Benelux (comprised of teams from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) are expected to be released soon. Another new mode that does more to keep you hooked is the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft Mode. Similar to Madden 16’s Draft Champions mode, you’ll get to build your team from a random selection of five players. Properly setting up your team leader and player positions is an activity built for beginner and expert players alike. The majority of fun that comes from this mode is the increasing difficulty of the four proceeding games your drafted team plays and the rewards that come from being victorious.