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There are many Legends of the game that needs to be added in FIFA 17

Football history is littered with legends. Some, like 'Scorpion Kick' maestro René 'El Loco' Higuita, are famed for their flamboyance, others for sheer brilliance with the ball at their feet. They're all worthy of a golden card in FIFA Ultimate Team, so, how does EA go about deciding who makes the cut? We have a lot of Legends in FIFA series and EA has been adding some each year every year. It is awesome to play with these Legends in the Ultimate Team and the Classic XI. 
There are many Legends of the game that needs to be added in FIFA 17 Legends. FIFA 16 certainly has a number of them but the next version needs to pick up more of them. Let’s have a look at the 10 players that can be featured in the FIFA 17 Legends. However, there are still many legendary players that are not in the game. Let’s list some of them and review why they deserve a place in the game. However, the team folded just a few years after its peak, succumbing to excessive spending and lagging revenues. 
Twenty-five years later, the Cosmos returned seeking a place on the local, national and global sports scenes. Via a case study, we take a look at the team’s history, its relaunch, and factors such as facility development and league affiliation impacting the team’s business plans. Like the franchise itself, the reader is tasked with determining whether the team’s new strategy and efforts can make it a profitable enterprise. 
The reader is also encouraged to think of practical ideas that will connect the team with both its first-generation of fans who regaled in their winning history and attract new fans who may not know their history and may be impatient when it comes to the team’s performance on the field. Having played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan and captaining England Senior Team, David Beckham is an absolute legend of the game. He has achieved excellence in all the major leagues of the world including the Premier League of England, La Liga of Spain, Serie A of Italy and MLS of the United States. He deserves to be a FIFA 17 Legend.
For the best part of 25 years annual sports games have been kicking, slinging and swinging pretend balls, bats and fists across our cathode cubes and plasma boxes. Both main football games have experimented with the option to deliberately throw your players to the turf over the years, but FIFA 2001’s dive button (R1) deserves special mention because it could be used both offensively and defensively. Tap it while in control of the ball and your man would go over theatrically; hit it when defending and he'd invoke a filthy tactic such as headbutting an opponent, or crashing into them two-footed. 
Its loss is understandable given the governing body’s drive for fair play (which real players definitely pay attention to, right?), but for true realism, it really should be brought back. Naturally that period has hosted plenty of innovation, but the need to churn features year after year in order to appear fresh has led to many a decent idea being booted to the dugout, too. Here I commemorate – and celebrate – some of the ones that got away during the last two-and-a-half decades.