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The strength attribute of FIFA 17 is important

With the way FIFA 17 plays, the strength attribute is important. We'd go as far as to say that it make as much as a difference as pace does. This is something you'd want to keep in mind when building your squad for online multiplayer, with a good mix of attributes, instead of just focusing on pace. The idea is that the system will present players with a choice. Do you want to further enhance your attacker's attacking skills, for example, by applying an attacking chemistry style, or do you want to cover for the weaknesses around him, or his own weaknesses, and make him stronger in defensive capabilities? 
If you choose the later, you will have to choose a defensive chemistry style. Playing EA Sports FC Catalogue on Ultimate Team Boost, you play different modes in the game and earn and spend FCC( a form of currency). To create a new Ultimate Team that might be an extra squad slot with a 99-game player contract and a big Transfer List pile, or Coin Reward Boosts. In terms of options the career mode is much improved by the introduction of new player training challenges. You don’t have to control these yourself if you don’t want to, but the drills are perfectly entertaining and offer a welcome break from the more predictable aspects of the mode. 
FIFA Trainer is much less enjoyable though, a bewildering mass of stats and options that sends you quickly running back to the main modes for a proper game. FIFA 17 is published by EA (big surprise given the IAPs, I know) and comes with a full coin-based in-game economy. You earn coins from playing and winning matches, but you can always get more. A few hundred coins will cost you a couple bucks in your local (real) currency. You can use those coins to buy players for your ultimate mode team, or get access to a round of a randomized game mode called FUT Draft.
You can Higher your current level in FIFA with this Coin Reward Boost, but the purchase has a cap up to your current player level. Regardless of what level Coin Boost you have, it's worth the investment if you spend the majority of your time playing Ultimate Team. Like we said before it doesn't matter if you win or lose the match, you'll still receive the Coins as a reward. Looking for the earning easy Coins in FIFA 17? Here is all that you need to know on earning Coins and avoid microtransactions in the game. The Coins can be earned in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team(FUT) and the best part is that it doesn't matter if you win or lose the match, you'll still receive the Coins as a reward.  
Everyone seems to run at the same speed and everyone is equally capable of barging a defender out of the way, no matter who they are. Individual skill is simulated to a degree but a lot of the time it just feels like you’re playing with a team of clones, no matter what they look like. Oddly the female teams suffer less from this problem, since they’re programmed to be more prone to error and by consequence seem more realistic and believable.
Squad updates, which occur weekly when you connect online, are based on real world events such as player injuries and weekly performances in their respective league. These impact player ratings in multiplayer mode. Depending on how good or bad a player performs or is injured, it shaves off or adds a point to his overall rating. The player transfers which takes place in January and August in real life leagues also decide which players you have access to for your team of choice.