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The new NBA 2K21 1.07 update has landed

The new NBA 2K21 1.07 update has landed, though player reports indicate that it doesn’t fix one of the game’s most prominent issues. Patch 1.07 is available to download now, including various bug fixes and stability improvements, but there’s reportedly no solution to the more pressing NBA 2K21 daily login glitch.

According to the early reports from users who have installed this update, this patch appears to mostly affect the Park. This update is available for PS4 and Xbox One but we are not sure if this applies to the next-generation version as well.

It should also be noted that for now, we have only seen news regarding last-gen platforms, meaning PS5 and Xbox Series X updates will be released in the coming days.

As noted above, no patch notes have been shared yet for today’s NBA 2K21 update on last-gen consoles.

Visual Concepts has yet to release an official list of patch notes, but there are a few notable changes and fixes that have already been noticed by the community. We will update this article accordingly once the official patch notes are released, but for now, here are all of the changes in NBA 2K21 update 1.07.
  •     The park has been updated ending the seasonal theme
  •     An exploit of the university badge would have been fixed
  •     Reports of old shot counter making a return (unconfirmed)
  •     Various other bug fixes and stability improvements

As we await official patch notes for 2K Sports, keep an eye on the website that usually gets updates with them once the update is out on all platforms.

Prioritizing comparatively minor fixes over the NBA 2K21 daily login bug has caused some irritation within the game’s community. The author of one Reddit thread labeled the developers as “money-hungry” following the reported omission. MT is otherwise purchasable using real money via microtransactions.Z2U.com is the best NBA 2K21 MT Coins & Points trading platform with real sellers, accurate inventory, real evaluation and sales. If you are seeking for NBA 2K21 MyTeam Coins & Points, you are at the right place

The last reported NBA 2K21 update for PS4 and Xbox One was released at the start of the December and only included a short list of changes.

These included:

    Winter holiday has arrived at 2K Beach with new seasonal decorations and themed courts now available.

    MyCOURT’s Limitless free throw drill is now set to use the 2K camera setting.

    Added Online VS, the difficulty used in MyTEAM Unlimited & Limited, to Play With Friends games.

NBA 2K21 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. For more information on this update, the official NBA 2K website.