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The Air Jordan 11 Jubilee will be released Dec. 12

Nike Promo Codes It's so surreal that the self-lacing shoes that made our chins drop when Michael J. Fox put them on in the film Back to the Future Part II are something that exists now. Marty McFly's self-lacing Nikes hit the big screen over 30 years ago.

Twenty-five years after the first sketches of Nike's Air Jordan 11 were made the brand is updating the iconic sneaker with its "Adapt" self-lacing tech in a new shoe coming December 30.

Wearers control the laces via Bluetooth using a Nike app that lets them customize the fit of the sneakers.They can also change the color of the flashing lights on the side of the shoes.


Since Jordan Brand is using its most popular retro model as the base it feels like the Jordan 11 Adapt is meant for collectors. But people who want to buy these and hold onto them in brand-new condition for years need to remember that shoes with electronics don't follow the same rules.

The Nike Adapt technology is paired with the brand’s app which allows the user to personalize accompanying items including foot and sportswear. For the Air Jordan 11 users can choose their own color scheme and flashing pattern of the lights on the shoes.

The Air Jordan 11 Jubilee will be released Dec. 12 and the Air Jordan Adapt on Dec. 30.

It's not known what these new Air Jordans will cost Nike Coupons Code but the Nike Adapt BB that were released a year ago and use the same technology had a $350 price tag according to Fox 32 Chicago.

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