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Shudder is launching into autumn with a new set of thrilling releases for September 2021

AMC’s Shudder is launching into autumn with a new set of thrilling releases for September 2021. The platform’s wide selection of films and TV shows has solidified itself as a major, reliable source of all-things horror, thriller or supernatural, and it has seen significant growth as it continues to excite genre fans with its selection of content. Shudder will continue keeping horror alive by expanding its collection throughout September with a number of genre classics and original releases.And has acquired the horror films Slapface and The Advent Calendar ahead of their FrightFest premieres in London later this month.

Shudder will release the films exclusively in the UK, North America, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

The Advent Calendar from writer/director Patrick Ridremont will debut on the service in December 2021 followed by Slapface from writer/director Jeremiah Kipp in 2022.


Both films will join recently announced Shudder acquisitions Offseason from writer/director Mickey Keating and The Last Thing Mary Saw from writer/director Edoardo Vitaletti at FrightFest, which is the UK’s biggest fantasy and horror film festival taking place 26-30 August. Those films will debut exclusively on Shudder in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand in 2022. Shudder will have exclusive streaming rights in North America for the two titles next year.

Shudder general manager Craig Engler commented: “Shudder members will have exclusive access to some of the most exciting and compelling festival films in the months ahead. We are excited to debut Patrick Ridremont’s chilling French horror fantasy The Advent Calendar just in time for the holidays and Jeremiah Kipp’s mysterious and eerie Slapface next year.”

The arrival of most of the Phantasm films will give viewers a chance to catch up with The Tall Man again - though it's a shame the second movie won't be added too. The final addition to Shudder’s repertoire for September will be its original film Séance, written and directed by Simon Barrett (The Guest). Starring Suki Waterhouse, Madisen Beaty, and Ella-Rae Smith, the film follows a group of academy students as they conduct a ghostly ritual that awakens something more dangerous than they’d bargained for. Subscribers can find out what exactly they’ve summoned when Séance premieres on September 29th, streaming exclusively on Shudder.

The acquisition deal for SLAPFACE was negotiated by Emily Gotto on behalf of Shudder and by Patrick Ewald on behalf of Epic Pictures and Dread. The deal for THE ADVENT CALENDAR was negotiated by Emily Gotto on behalf of Shudder and by Gregory Chambet on behalf of WTFilms.

With a Shudder top class account, you can additionally get right of entry to the collections on Shudder. These collections encompass some titles with the identical theme that you can watch in a marathon. A ShudderA ccount will allow you to watch 24/7 horror indicates and films on Shudder stay TV. Shudder stay TV additionally consists of some unique suggests simply made for the Shudder subscribers.Shudder Account would fee a great deal much less if you determine to purchase it from z2u. Just enter the z2u.com and go to the Shudder page. You will see that their costs are even much less than what you have to pay on the authentic website. You will simply have to comply with some guidelines carefully.