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Rocket League has done away loot boxes in latest patch

Rocket League’s loot boxes are finally gone. The game’s latest patch removes the Crates, which once gave random loot to players that paid to unlock them, and replaces them with Blueprints, which will now give specific loot.

Developer Psyonix first added Crates to Rocket League back in 2016, around the height of the loot box boom in games. Despite the decline in favor that this particular form of micro-transactions has endured over the last several years, the item has remained in Rocket League. However, in August, Psyonix announced that it would be removing Crates in favor of a system that gave players a better idea of the loot they were paying for.

All boxes that are in players’ inventory at the time of patch 1.7 will be converted to unpublished blueprints. In the meantime, unused keys that were previously used to unlock boxes become credits, the currency in which items are made from blueprints. Players can also exchange credits. So if you want to have a face-up blueprint that another player has, you can offer credits as compensation instead of swapping another blueprint.

Even when loot boxes required a key, the return on investment would have been better considering the number of items within each box, not to mention the chance at a high-tier drop. Although Rocket League allows players to trade blueprints on the market, the value of the more common items is low enough that many don’t see the point.

On the other hand, Psyonix was acquired by Epic Games this year. The sale happened in May and Psyonix announced the loot box overhaul in August. Could that Epic contract, lucrative as the rumors say, have influenced the decision? Could other developers without such a big backer afford to dump loot boxes? Psyonix has been very flexible through this whole economy shift, and it might only be so confident in the move because Epic is paying the bills. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Rocket League Items from 5mmo.com at a reasonable price.