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Read this Vigor Beginner Guide to get up to speed with the game

Hello Outlanders, welcome to Vigor – the free-to-play shoot ‘n’ loot game where you build shelter in post-war Norway. We started our journey in the one-year period of Xbox Game Preview that took a new step with the gamescom free-to-play release on Xbox One. More than 1.8 million on Xbox One have played Vigor.

Vigor is all about your survival in an open world map filled with hostiles and environmental challenges. Games that put a heavy emphasis on survival require you to look for resources and to use them wisely. The main goal of any player in Vigor is to get the best kind of loot you can have and then exit the map after taking the drop and heading to the extraction zones. Read this Vigor Beginner’s Guide to get up to speed with the game.

  •     Vigor has an awesome site. A great deal of information can be found here.
  •     The Battle Pass is helpful, but not needed to complete this game. Some of the perks with buying it include: getting bonus XP to level up faster, a blueprint for a weapon at a certain level, and clothing items that will get you the 'Fashion Guru' achievement faster.
  •         It costs 690 crowns or roughly $20
  •         Contains cosmetics, 900 crowns (enough to buy the Battle Pass next season if you get to level 50), crates, weapon plans and weapons
  •     The Legacy Battle Pass allows you to complete a previous season. This works by giving you the same amount of XP toward that season as the current one. I have found that you won't get loot boxes from this, but you do get the other items like weapon plans, crowns, weapons, etc.
  •         It costs under 400 crowns
  •     Ricochet Phoenix has wonderful Youtube videos of the cache locations. He includes all the photographs as a collage for the first few seconds of the video, then goes to each one separately with timestamps in his video descriptions. These show you exactly where they are on the map and what the general surroundings look like. I highly recommend having these open while you are playing.
  •     You do not have to have the photograph of the cache site to be able to dig at a location. If you are running past, or know there is one close by and don't have a photograph, I recommend digging for the resources anyways. There is a high chance that you will get lucky and run across the resources without much effort at all.
  •     Upgrade the food shelter improvements (box of plants, rat traps, outhouse, and smokehouse) as soon as you can to start having a steady flow of food to donate to charity (the zip line behind your house), for weekly loot boxes of various colors. The rat traps are designed to give you double the food that the box of plants give, so upgrade the rat traps first. If you have all the food sources upgraded, you will be getting a little under 13,000 food/week, not counting the food from looting the Outlands or the rewards from crates.
  •     Sometimes blueprints do show up in the store, but they are highly expensive.
  •     There is a downloadable list to help keep track of the consumable and weapon plans that you have gotten here.

This is a survival game with PvP elements after all and other players won’t hesitate to see if you have what they need to survive. This means take weapons that best suit your play style, take only a few medical items, and if need be, something to help you detect other players if you can. There will be players hunting other players down without hesitation.

In the end, it is up to you how you will play Vigor. Will you be a stealthy Outlander, who carefully loots the outskirts of areas and engages others only when necessary? Or will you go in guns blazing and fight for the Airdrop? Will you play alone or with a friend? Will you try to find a new friend when playing with a random Outlander? All is possible and there is so much more to discover in Vigor!

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