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R2M has become the top tier in sales in the Google Play Store

R2M Diamonds Top Up Webzen's new mobile MMORPG'R2M' has become the top-tier in sales in the Google Play Store.

'R2M' ranked first in real-time search terms on the portal due to the high interest of game members after the service. The number of game members increased due to anticipation for the new game and sales also increased laying the foundation for long-term success.

Webzen is concentrating on creating an environment in which users can enjoy games smoothly by constantly checking the server stability of'R2M' and preparing new servers to keep pace with the increasing number of users.


Meanwhile the official community of'R2M' prepared various GM (Operator Game Master) events to communicate with community visitors in addition to receiving advance reservations. At events such as “Attendance Check Event” R2M Diamonds for sale “GM Note Quiz Event” and “Guild Promotion Event” you can get a Google gift card depending on how you participate.

Webzen's'MU Archangel' which was released in the first half of the year is currently being serviced as a long-term box office maintaining within the top 10 sales rankings.

Webzen plans to expand its share in the game industry by increasing the new games and IP business while maintaining the success of the two games.

Webzen plans to expand the operating range of the official community collecting opinions from members by first disclosing the in-game information and various game events of'R2M' in the official community.

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