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PS5 already at exorbitant prices on eBay

eBay Gift Cards Well we knew this was going to happen. With every single console release there are a bunch of assholes who find a way to order something only to flip it on eBay for double the price.

It all started with GameStop Media Markt and Saturn and shortly afterwards Amazon.de started. It felt like it took maybe 30 minutes until everything was gone. Those who have been able to pre-order now can be pretty sure that they will be holding their PS5 in their hands on the first day. But there is still hope for everyone else.

However we strongly advise against such offers. On the one hand the providers sometimes ask for twice the original price and on the other hand the PS5 will only be available in stores on November 19th. There can be no guarantee that the sellers will already have a console on this day. Even if you have pre-ordered them. Sony sells the PS5-Digital Edition for 399.99 euros the variant with UHD Blu-ray drive costs 499.99 euros.

Just putting a warning out there to not support this terrible practice. I know it’s hard to not have the console at launch (Personally I missed out on the launch day shipment due to being asleep when it was announced) but don’t go paying double the price just to be the cool kid on the block instead go for the post-launch console shipment which should be available before Christmas anyway.

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