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New World has delay

Cheap New World Gold Amazon has delayed its upcoming open-world MMO New World one of two tentpole games from its burgeoning games studio from August 25th to an undefined spring 2021 date. The announcement comes less than two weeks after Amazon brought its other tentpole game the free-to-play shooter Crucible back into closed beta following barely a month of wide availability. It sounds like Amazon may be taking a more cautious approach to game development after early feedback from testers that the games weren’t quite what they hoped.

As you’d expect fishing in New World is a waiting game. I get a chance to appreciate nature around me as strange critters squawk and hum. Once I’ve got a bite on-screen prompts guide me through the rest: a handy warning flashes ‘Get ready!’ and then ‘Hook!’ as a timer rapidly rolls down through traffic light colours. The more quickly I respond the easier reeling in will be and the bigger the XP reward I’ll get when I finally catch the bugger.

new world

How does New World play now though? Well the moment-to-moment combat can be rather fun if a bit clunky due to animations being locked (you can't engage another skill before the previous animation has finished unlike most MMORPGs). Most of the animations are pretty cool however and do very well in conveying the sense of the ability you've just activated such as the Shockwave skill available when equipping two-handed hammers. This new build added a new weapon type spears which provide a combination of melee and ranged Buy New World Gold capabilities through their dedicated skill tree. Additionally whereas in previous builds skill cooldowns were all linked together between the various weapons those have been now made independent. That means you can potentially use all three skills on a spear then switch to a life staff and use those three as well and ultimately grab a sword to finish off your enemies as you've got three weapons equipped on your character during combat.

They say hindsight is always 20/20 so we guess the decision to move the launch into 2021 was a smart one for more than one reason. Amazon Game Studios really seem to be going for all or nothing and judging by what we've seen from New World thus far - it's more likely the former.

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