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New World closed beta will end on Aug.2 at 2am CT

Amazon's New World MMO has been available to play through the beta for nearly a week now, but that won't last forever. As July comes to a close, the time to play the New World beta will be over as well.

Massive battles set New World apart, with fortress sieges against other players and supernatural invasions, featuring up to 100 players on the battlefield at once. Combat in New World is visceral and skill-based, giving players direct control over their movements and attacks. Players can band together to form powerful Companies operating out of fortified strongholds, or play alone and acquire and customize their own homes as they contribute to the growth of the larger community around them. New World provides near-limitless play, with classless character progression, social systems, and rich crafting mechanics.

In that same time, the game has reeled in the attention of players, too. New World reached more than 200,000 concurrent players over the weekend.

The closed beta for New World, which started last Tuesday, July 20, still has just under a week left.

New World’s closed beta will end on Aug. 2 at 2am CT.

How to sign up for the New World closed beta?
There are two ways to try and gain New World closed beta access, one that assures you a spot in the closed beta and one that gives you a chance at a spot. Players who pre-order the game now will have secured access to the closed beta, according to game director Scott Lane. Players can pre-order the Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition, or the Steelbook Edition to get closed beta access, as well as other pieces of bonus content including a unique amulet, title, emote, and guild crest set.

Key Features:
  •     FIGHT THE WORLD: Under the surface of Aeternum’s breathtaking landscape lay the seeds of an ancient evil that plots to erase all traces of humanity from its shores.
  •     A CALL TO ARMS: Combine skill and strength in melee combat, attack at range with precision, or master arcane attacks. However you choose to fight, you’ll need to forge, discover, and customize powerful weapons to fit your combat style.
  •     STRONGER TOGETHER: Unite players with in-game social systems that power organization, hierarchy, and command and control of formidable in-game Companies. Venture out with your own intrepid party to battle The Corrupted or to seize the land and treasure of your enemies.
  •     TAME THE WILDERNESS: As you explore Aeternum, you will discover beauty, danger, and opportunity at every turn.

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