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Madden 22 release date, cover athlete, franchise mode and more

Madden is so popular in recent years that its past two launches have been the biggest in series history – and this year is shaping up to be no different.

Madden 22 is gradually taking shape ahead of the new NFL season’s big kick-off – with its street date, cover athlete and first gameplay details all out in the wild. For reasons we’ll go into below there’s great news for Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, and disappointment for Derrick Henry – although the announcement of Madden 22 ratings may yet change that. Below we cover the Madden 22 release date, pre-order bonuses, franchise mode tweaks and much more, in your comprehensive one-stop Madden 22 guide.

Mahomes and Brady are sharing the cover of Madden 22, the EA Sports video game that has become part of the NFL culture. It's the first time two players are on the game's front in more than a decade.

Mahomes and Brady both starred on Madden covers in years past, with Brady on the cover of Madden 18 and Mahomes on Madden 20, making them the first two players to hold featured spots on multiple editions of Madden. (Barry Sanders was in the background of Madden 2000 before again appearing on Madden 25. There's some room for second-guessing with various editions of games across console generations, but Mahomes and Brady are the first to get the true cover-athlete treatment twice.)

Madden 22 franchise mode: change is here
After years of justifiable clamouring from fans, EA finally makes transformative changes to franchise mode this year. For instance, you’re now – finally! – able to hire and upgrade coaching staffs across four positions: Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, and Player Personnel. Each position has its own RPG-like skill tree which enables you to improve coaches in a similar vein to individual players.

Also new are next-gen stats. These debuted on PS5 and Xbox Series X in Madden 21, and are now a significant element of franchise mode, enabling you to see key intel such as an opponent’s passer rating on particular types of throws, their likelihood to scramble with a QB, and so on. Practice sessions matter now too, with the potential to reduce injury risk by having players rest or practice without full pads.

Dual Entitlement will be available to those who pre-order the Madden NFL 22 MVP Edition and the Madden NFL 22 Dynasty Edition, with a digital purchase providing a digital upgrade, while a physical purchase will come with a single-use code in box, for one digital copy of the full game on the relevant upgraded platform. Standard Edition does not qualify for Dual Entitlement.

Madden 22 pre-order bonuses: what do I get?
There are three editions of Madden 22 available for pre-order: the standard edition, the MVP edition, and the Dynasty edition.

All three inevitably come with bonus extras. The standard edition grants you 20 staff points for franchise mode, and a Tom Brady gear capsule. You also get to immediately start The Yard and Face Of The Franchise at a Player Class of Level 10, and to kick off Ultimate Team with one of 32 NFL stars.

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