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Mabinogi kicks-off its 13th-anniversary celebration festivities

Mabinogi kicks-off its 13th-anniversary celebration festivities on March 18th, 2021. To participate in the limited-time celebration, Milletians can head over to Festia to meet with festival host Thirteen and register a main character. Upon registration, players will receive rewards for daily logins, including 13th Anniversary Coins for Thirteen’s Shop and Festia Entry Passes to play mini-games.

“It is humbling to be able to celebrate Mabinogi’s 13th birthday with Mabi fans around the world,” said Kenny Chang, General Manager of Nexon America. “Since Mabinogi’s inception in 2008, the MMORPG has grown tremendously in the gaming community and we’re happy to commemorate another wonderful and successful year with more content updates and rewards for all in the magical world of Erinn.”

The minigames that can be played as part of the event include:
  •     Pop the Balloon: Upon arrival at Festia, players can visit Patriot’s limited-time booth and try to break the highest balloon-popping record. Players will receive Anniversary Coins and Festia Instant Prize Tickets for participating.
  •     Mysterious Balloons: Balune the Balloon Artist needs players’ help! Milletians will need to work with him to gather materials for more balloons and receive Instant Revive Balloons.
  •     Clobbermeister: Players can speak to the Clobbermeister Staff in Festia to join the mini-game and show their power. Participants are given 20 seconds to deal as much damage as possible to select punching bags. After the time elapses, players will be rewarded with a Festia Commemorative Gift Box and 13th Anniversary Gift Box.
  •     Cave of Trials: Milletians will meet with Duro the Trialkeeper and enter the Cave of Trials! Players will be challenged to defeat the monsters that lurk in each cave to advance to the next trial, but beware of the new mysterious boss that will be revealed at the final trial.

13th Anniversary Update:
  •         Happy Anniversary, Milletians! Celebrate the 13th Anniversary of Mabinogi with tons of festivities and earn amazing rewards! Check out the event page for in-depth details!
  •         Talk to Thirteen in Festia to start the 13th Anniversary celebration.
  •         Complete daily and weekly quests to receive 13th Anniversary Coins, 13th Anniversary Special Gift Boxes, and 13th Anniversary Instant Prize Tickets.
  •         How fast can you type? Compete in the Balloon Popping Mini-game and see how you stack up against other Milletians.
  •         Grow some mysterious balloons and hand them over to Balune the Balloon Artists for daily rewards.
  •         Test your strength with the Clobbermeister Mini-game!
  •         Conquer the waves of enemies within the Cave of Trials to receive prizes and event titles celebrating your achievements! The title rewards will replace your existing Cave of Trials titles if you've been through the scenario previously.
  •         Use gold or 13th Anniversary Instant Prize Tickets from different events at the Capsule Machine in Festia.
  •         Exchange your 13th Anniversary Coins for special prizes!

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