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In WoW Shadowlands,you experience zones that centre on the journey undertaken after death

Shadowlands plunges you into World of Warcraft’s afterlife, where you experience zones that centre on the journey undertaken after death. The former Horde leader Sylvanas Windrunner has taken other leaders hostage, and all beings who die are having their spirits channeled through The Maw, formerly the home of only the most evil, irredeemable souls. The various factions and realms of the Shadowlands are reeling from the impact of these changes, and much of the leveling content concerns their infighting and struggles to cope.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is a game that had very high expectations. While people were initially excited for Battle for Azeroth, they were quickly met with systems that didn’t work well together and balancing that was never quite right. On top of that, everything was rushed and the fun that people had in Legion was gone. With Shadowlands, many of these problems were fixed, and the promises left many with high hopes.

The pinnacle of Shadowlands content is Torghast. Take the variance and unpredictability of roguelike runs and do them on your WoW character, alone or with friends, in a damned dungeon tower that’s different every time. After doing a decade of dungeon runs that never change, Torghast is a beyond welcome addition. Even the greatest curated dungeons lose their luster after completing them a dozen times, so the prospect of something new each dive is tantalizing. Each run is another opportunity to try out different builds and strategies as your powerups and situations change constantly. One run may turn you into an overpowered god stacking multiple scaling sources of damage to annihilate everything in sight or accumulating enough regeneration to handle anything. Complete puzzles to open caches, rescue some companions you can take back to your hideout, run into a mimic, or slay a rare miniboss that confers special powers. The Torghast climb is great fun and quite replayable – I found myself going back in even after I had capped my rewards for the week just to explore, experiment, and enjoy.

The amount of tutorial upgrades is immediately obvious - clear, concise tooltips guide players through everything from movement and user interface basics, to buying and selling items, combat, and group/dungeon roles. It’s all tailored to your class, too - my goblin mage was taught how to use frost magic to slow the advance of my opponent, fire for burst damage, and utility spells to manipulate the battlefield. All in real time, too - your NPC pals will call out instructions to you and explain the why of your actions. You’re not just cautiously hitting buttons and hoping, any more - you’re being taught to understand your character as a dynamic toolkit.

The characters’ stories here are finely drawn, rivaling Bastion’s in their complexity, and their dialogue is absolutely delicious. The quests are immensely varied and often fun – even Revendreth’s two escort quests manage not to be annoying.

Once reaching max level and finishing the leveling story campaign, you are met with a choice. As we leveled throughout the different zones, each of the different covenants shared special powers with you that you were able to try out during the leveling process. Now it’s time to make a covenant choice. While Blizzard intended for every option to be viable and for people to choose purely based on the aesthetic they like, most people will look up a 3rd party website which defines what is best for them so they can be the most effective. My main character has always been a paladin and while Venthyr or the people from Revendreth had the highest damage potential, I instead chose to go with Bastion, which was listed second in damage potential. In this way I did what Blizzard hoped and chose this group because it matched the look I wanted while also looking at the damage implications. While for the most part the differences are minor, there are some cases where not choosing a certain covenant could be as much as a 5% damage loss which could really affect your ability to meet a Mythic+ timer or meet a dps check in a raid encounter.

Shadowlands plays it safe with numerous takes on established systems and structures, but lets players enjoy those features with a plethora of personality via the covenant factions and themed zones. It also takes chances with a deadly zone that promotes teamwork and careful play alongside a fantastic roguelike run tower that’s full of surprises. As a result, Shadowlands is a satisfying addition to the annals of World of Warcraft expansions, and with a robust and revamped leveling experience rolling out with it, it’s a great time to come back to the MMORPG that made the genre mainstream.

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