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I believe FIFA 17 will be a great game

EA did a wonderful job of overhauling Career Mode's transfer systems post Manager Mode, but the current framework has grown somewhat stale over the years. It's foundations are strong, but what it doesn't accommodate are the many real world intricacies which make football transfers tick these days. Buy-out clauses, sell-on fee's, buy-back clauses to name just a few are now so common place, that every iteration Career Mode doesn't support them, becomes even more galling each time. And that's before they've even got player trades working both ways, rather than just player to AI.
I believe FIFA 16 has been a great game, but lots of new features can be added to the game to make it more authentic and real. Here we are sharing FIFA 17 features wishlist. If you have got any opinion or idea for the FIFA’s new version, you can also share with us here. And with all to play for next year, we reckon FIFA 17 needs to come back with a bang to re-establish itself as football king. 
I feel like a broken record, but here I am again championing CPU AI as what I see as "the" fundamental improvement that Career Mode needs to really shine as a management sim. FIFA 17 in fairness, has the best AI we've seen for some time in terms of AI behaviour, but that's fairly luke warm praise based on the previous games. FIFA Ultimate Team eats up real cash even after buying the full version of the game. With Career Modes no additional cash would be spent as it (career mode) evolves with experience of the player. Only a few tweaks should be made in the current Career Mode to make it more playable. 
For the first time in a long time, Pro Evo has been a legitimate alternative for footy fans this year. The new ‘Enhanced Collision System’, improved ball physics and updated AI are just a few of the changes that make the latest Pro Evo a worthy purchase. FIFA has the names, of course – and Ultimate Team, aka the nectar of the gods. Which game is better, you ask? That’s still very much down to personal preference. But one thing’s for sure – FIFA is no longer the undisputed champion of footy games. 
We know this is a lot to ask of EA Sports as FIFA Ultimate Team is the main source of income after the sales of the game. Below we’ve posted a few of our own wishes for FIFA 17 Career Mode to help start the discussion and get the ideas flowing. This stuff is really important guys and if you look at the list we made last year, both Training and Pre-season changes made the retail disk.
Developers can make the growth of the player more balanced. What I mean to say is player can grow physically, their appearance display their genuine growth till the age of 25 and sometimes it can be longer. But youth players, in fact all players don’t grow physically in the game. This requires a master touch of developers, and as the players grow physically, their strength should decline slowly.