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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team chemistry has more logic

In general, the introduction for chemistry in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is there to give more logic to the game and to make the building of a team more complex, challenging and diverse. because Ultimate Team we tend to talk about and think of a separate piece, but the reality is so much of what it is is provided by core FIFA – the gameplay, presentation, audio, everything like that. So while you can get to the thing of yes, theoretically it could be something else, but you need it to be the whole of FIFA. 
A hunter on a defender or a shadow on an attacking player isn’t going to do you any favours, so focus more on chemistry styles when faced with tough selections. Choose styles more beneficial to a specific position as well as the style of the player you are selecting and you’ll feel the difference in their performance. Picking the optimal FUT Draft squad can be complicated, but it is crucial in ensuring you give yourself the best possible chance of winning. Planning your team is almost as important as playing the matches, as the rewards for winning FUT Draft are certainly worth the effort. 
From your captain, to your manager, no selection should be overlooked. The Chemistry takes a fundamental role on your team’s performance, so it can never be despised. It represents how well a player will perform in-game. Low chemistry values will hinder players’ ability, whilst high chemistry values will result in players performing well. It is not usual, but sometimes you can get free packs offered by EA Sports. If you have played previous FUT’s, you will be rewarded with at least one welcome back pack upon first accessing. Without all those other bits, Ultimate Team isn’t much of a game. 
Any development cards you collect through your early packs or at auction, save for your final FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. There's no point applying stat boosts to players who will soon be replaced once you begin rebuilding. Again, you won't be using your bronze players for more than a few tournaments, so don't worry about improvements. During specific and very limited periods of time, like holidays or just before the retail game release, EA Sports will also give you daily gifts. You just need to login to Ultimate Team once a day to redeem your pack. It is very rare, but EA Sports may surprise you too with special campaigns and anniversary offers. 
It evaluates the health of every relation in a club. In other words, the chemistry is a factor that helps the game play by interacting with the familiarity of the player with the club and his positioning, the relation with the other players and the manager. In the end, that is what the chemistry does. Take all these situations, weigh how much they can benefit the performance of a team and transfer them to the four lines of this evaluation. Apart from the manager tasks you should complete, you've also got to be a good manager in terms of the squad you build. When setting out on your Ultimate Team journey, don’t spend all your coins on one expensive player. 
Having a superstar in a bad team that can’t support him won’t win you any matches. One of the best ways to start is to build a Barclays premier league (BPL) squad. Not only will this make it easy for you to have a full chemistry team, but the BPL is full of quality players in every position for a relatively cheap price. This also means that you don't have to acquire the best gold players. Acquiring players between 75-80 and applying stat boosts will allow you to stand up against the big spenders online.