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FIFA 17 is EA’s latest works

Let’s talk about top ten demanded wishlist for the upcoming FIFA Ultimate Team for FIFA 17 game. Adding Daily Objectives feature to the Ultimate Team would be an amazing add to FIFA 17. For example, extra coins for objectives like keeping a clean sheet for three games in a row or scoring ten goals by the same player and many others. But we've put together 11 undisputed legends of the beautiful game yet to receive the treatment that no-one could possibly argue with. Or maybe you could, but we're not listening. 
FIFA 17 is of course the most recent entry in EA’s seminal footy franchise, and with a new year we don’t just get new rosters, but a bevy of new features. His ultimate objective with Germany, however, is to secure the holding role in central midfield currently reserved for Schweinsteiger. Yet given the latter's injury, it is not yet known if he will be fit in time for UEFA EURO 2016, meaning there could be a place open for Can. With FIFA 17 on it’s way, the crowning jewel for most players is the Ultimate Team feature. 
Additions to this year come in a variety of modes and injections of new life that provide a bit of a shakeup to the traditional formula, while retaining the magic that makes the FIFA franchise so popular year after year. Ultimate Team mode, the real longevity play of FIFA in recent years, gets a brand-new draft feature. The national team is a bit different to being at my club because I'm a newcomer," said Can, who made his international debut under Low in September 2015. "Obviously I always want to play. I don't go to international games and say 'OK, now I'm going to sit on the bench'. If I'm called up then I want to play. Obviously I'm aware that the right-back position is still available and I would love to play there." Almost every gamer who buys FIFA plays the Ultimate Team.  
FUT is one of the best feature/mode of FIFA game But, there are still tons of bugs and holes for improvement for FIFA 17 FUT. The incredibly card collecting game remains one of FIFA’s top features, not to mention it’s the reason why fans consistently return each year – some people relate it to other commitment dependant games like Hearthstone and Destiny because failing to put in regular hours usually means you won’t get very far at all. We thought we'd take it upon ourselves to make things a bit easier for the team at EA this year. The football and FIFA community could argue for days over whether certain players deserve inclusion in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.
Luckily, since the older versions of the game, EA noticed what could be done to improve the appeal of Ultimate Team and broaden it’s ever growing horizon. The solution? FUT Draft Mode: by choosing a difficulty level, then a formation you get to choose a captain from a small selection of world-class players to base your team around. You tackle the problem of finding an appropriate synergy between your players and manager, whilst moving them around the gameboard before competing in up to four matches with big prizes such as coins, packs and loan players.