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FIFA 17 Chemistry at the team level boosts the overall performance

Chemistry at the team level boosts the overall performance and stats for the team. The individual chemistry is mainly to enhance the individual player’s ability to perform at their best possible capacity. Below is an insight with this respect. As reported by French newspaper L’Quip (via GameWatcher), Lionel Messi’s contract is expiring this year. L’Quip mentions that he’s unlikely to sign another deal to continue being the face of EA Sports’ FIFA games.
This means we may see another star grace the cover of FIFA 17. Several stars have been on the cover of previous games, but they had to share the cover space with Messi since 2012. Now we may see all-new faces. This might be good news for people that might have been sick of seeing Messi’s face everywhere.  If you preorder the game, you'll be instantly upgraded to the Ultimate Edition, which includes various FIFA Ultimate Team digital bonuses.
This year's professional soccer game from EA Sports makes new strides in the area of authenticity. The developer promises that FIFA 15 will offer a "whole new level of visuals," with things like new character models and body rigging, visible breathing (you'll see a player's chest pulse as he breathes), and hair movement. Player jerseys in FIFA 15 will become dirty with mud and grass as matches unfold, and cleats and slide tackles will leave marks on the field.
EA Sports could start doing what they did previously and have a new cover star each year. They do that with their other sports games. Until now we have judged that this is very easy to understand. Although, a very important question arises: if we make a substitution, what will be the chemistry of the player who goes in and how is it going to affect the team’s chemistry ? The answer is simpler than what some people would think. When we make a substitution, the player who goes in acquires the chemistry of the player who goes out and this way the team’s chemistry remains the same. The decisive moment for the chemistry definition is the starting eleven set up. 
This means that, once the match has started, the chemistry values never change no matter what. Because of his new records, Barcelona boss Luis Enrique took the time to praise their star player. There are several chemistry styles available on FUT 17. The first style is the Basic. All players start with this style by default. It is attached to the card. In this case, the overall increase in chemistry applied to a player is based on the assumption that players are operating in a team chemistry that is decent. 
The midfield or attack and defending style is used to boost the passing stats for players. This style of play is used mostly when a team seems to be on the losing end and need to catch up. Putting a good defense prevents more goals from being scored against the team. Having efficient and strong attack will increase chances of scoring. The two work hand in hand, it is not possible to play completely in a defensive mode, there is need to have someone attacking.