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Diablo Immortal could be a great Diablo game in its own right

At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard revealed Diablo Immortal, an upcoming Android and iOS mobile game entering the Diablo series. Reactions to the game’s trailer from Diablo fans weren’t exactly enthusiastic but after playing a short demo, I have to say, Diablo Immortal is fun – because it plays like Diablo.

This includes making friends, among other things. According to the producer, the developers' goal is to create a production that allows you to spend time in a pleasant way killing each other. As for the latter, it was mentioned in the context of the question about the rewards system for PvP duels; Arsenaux admitted, however, that at the moment he cannot talk too much about any plans related to the PvP mode.

In addition, we can count on the post-premiere support of the title in the form of various events - just like in Diablo III, we have even seasons. Some variations will be available in the game from the very beginning. Lairs and legendary monsters have been mentioned, which are supposed to be a kind of springboard from the usual activities in the game. Developers, however, will make sure that they do not appear too often.

Made with the stated purpose of expanding the fantasy dimension of Diablo without breaking free from its playful and narrative stylistic features, Immortal therefore has the ambition to combine the saga's hack 'n' slash gameplay experience with a multiplayer context typical of MOBAs on mobile .

From the depth of the hero's development and personalization system to the layering of the game mechanics (and its controls appropriately adapted to the new interface), every piece of Immortal's content puzzle seems to shout out its will to belong to Diablo.

This version, which will only be available for a time and on a limited basis, leaves a few things clear to us. Diablo Immortal will be free but will include purchases as well as a battle pass. It also has its own story and a dungeon system where you can take on demons, creatures, and powerful bosses with other players. According to the developers, these dungeons will last 10-15 minutes, a time that we consider more than enough given that this is a mobile game.

I came away from Diablo Immortal with hope. It’s fun because, despite the fact it’s now on the phone, it feels authentic to the series in both gameplay and art style. It’s Diablo made simple, and with the introduction of legendary items and some late-game difficulty bumps, it could be a great Diablo game in its own right.

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