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Cygames announced that they are bringing Shadowverse onto Nintendo Switch in the form of Shadowverse Champions Battle

Shadowverse is a free to play digital card battle game released on June 17, 2016, for iOS & Android devices; starring seven heroes from a legendary world inspired by the fantasy masterpieces, in this strategy card game the player must rely on all of his/her skills to unleash the strongest army to save a dying universe. Divided into classes: Forestcraft; Portalcraft; Swordcraft; Havencraft; Runecraft; Bloodcraft; Dragoncraft & Shadowcraft, in more than 400 cards superbly illustrated every aspiring adventurer can make the difference in both the physical and the digital dimensions.

Cygames announced that they are bringing Shadowverse onto Nintendo Switch in the form of Shadowverse: Champions Battle, an all-new version of the game based on the upcoming Shadowverse anime.

All copies of the game will include a “Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Battle Set” serial code for the main Shadowverse game, which is only compatible with the PC (Steam), Android, and DMM Games versions of the title.

Both male and female protagonist options will be available, and the major characters from the anime are all present and accounted for as well, each featuring their own themed deck. You’ll get to customize your own deck by purchasing extra cards from card vendors, and then testing it out in battles against Hiiro and other Tensei Academy students.

Inspired by the anime series; in Shadowverse Champions Battle for Nintendo Switch YOU are the protagonist. Together with well-known stars including Hiro Ryūgasaki, Lucia Yonazuki, Mimori Amamiya, Kazuki Shindō, and many other characters; in this unique title, you must line your best cards exploiting all of their special powers against your foes to be crowned as the greatest Shadowverse champion of the planet.

In the anime, Hiiro Ryuugasaki (CV: Gakuto Kajiwara) is an average young boy attending Tensei Academy, who one day obtains a smartphone with Shadowverse installed that falls out of the sky. Hiiro sets out on a journey where he will forge bonds with new friends, and face off against fearsome rivals and tourney opponents.

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