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Book of Travels offers players a rare cooperative role-playing experience

Previously Might and Delight had teased some visuals for what their calling a “tiny multiplayer online RPG” and have now revealed Book of Travels. A TMO lets players explore a large world but they will only run into a small number of players on each server, which adds to the immersive feel of the game.

Venture off into a living, breathing realm of the fairy tale. Build a character with a distinctive identity of its own and discover the open land of your choosing. Set your targets and form your adventure on your own or with the others you’ll find in this majestic online TMORPG.

Join The Book of Travels by becoming part of special social role-playing experience. Inspired by movie classics, this is a serene journey that sets you back in a fairytale setting, but it’s still an opportunity to play roles without the limitations of linear missions and storylines.

Might & Delight offers a brief in-character introduction of four NPCs in the game in their latest dev blog on Kickstarter. The lore piece also gives us a glimpse of life in Braided Shore through the eyes of a travelling merchant, a history professor, a grain farmer, and a bandit.

“There are many ways in which we’d like to bring you closer to the world of Braided Shore,” the studio explained. “But there’s no better way to understand a land than by listening to its people, and in this week’s post we hear a little bit about life for four of the region’s denizens. We think you’ll find that there’s much to ruminate on in the hopes and fears that their words reveal.”

Travel is central to the game, but there's no overarching plotline to guide you along its paths and you'll have to find your own way, click-to-walking your way across the countryside. And while Book of Travels does have experience points, it's not doing those in the traditional way either. You'll gain them "by exploring, being courteous, gathering and trading. Battles can be rewarding, but you will learn more in defeat than in victory."

Features of the game will include authentic RPG playstyles, extensive narrative that won’t hold your hand, a tiny multiplayer online experience, a stunning world full of uncertainty and innovative RPG systems.

Some key features
  •     Authentic role-playing and individual forms of play.
  •     The boundless story that isn’t going to take your back.
  •     Tiny online multiplayer (TMO).
  •     A wonderful world of vulnerability.
  •     Use gestures to interact.
  •     Innovative RPG schemes.
  •     The universe is a hand-drawn diorama.

The post doesn’t reveal any gameplay details or information about the game’s release date but it’s still a good read, especially for fans who are interested in “ruminating” in the characters’ hopes and fears. The game itself is expected to launch into Early Access sometime this year.

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