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Battlestate Games gives away 1 million in-game roubles to all Tarkov players

The developers of Escape From Tarkov, BattleState Games, is giving players 1 million in-game roubles as an apology for server issues. The team wasn’t prepared for boost in the player base and as a result, the servers were overwhelmed by the significant community of the game. The developers also hosted a Twitch event which allowed viewers to receive free drops for watching streams of people who were playing Escape From Tarkov and participating in the event. The indie, story-driven MMO FPS is available exclusively for PC and Mac now.

The trouble stems from the high-stakes nature of Tarkov gameplay. Before entering a gameplay session with their main character, players gear up from their own personal stockpile of weapons and gear. If they die during that session, all their equipment can be looted by other players in the game. Things play out similarly if the game crashes. Even with in-fiction insurance, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your loot back when the game crashes.

Naturally, players were frustrated by this experience. Some players were even affected during the middle of a raid, causing them to lose invaluable gear with no way to get it back. This server issue also comes on the heels of an in-game economy crisis due to the influx of new players playing the game. Many players called for server resets for Tarkov, however, most probably did not foresee this issue. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap tarkov roubles, you can visit our website 5mmo.com.

As an apology, BattleState Games is giving any player who owns Escape from Tarkov 1 million roubles, the game’s primary currency. This applies to any player who owns the game, regardless of if they were affected by the server issues or even played the game during that time period. To collect the currency, players simply need to check their in-game messages on the bottom right of the screen. Upon login the message will stick around for 48 hours for players to claim. This opportunity will last for three days starting on February 10, so players who have not claimed the reward should do so soon.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can pre-order Escape From Tarkov now and get instant access to its closed beta. There are no microtransactions in Escape From Tarkov, but there are currently four editions, three of which will secure you additional gear and a bigger stash at the start. In-game currency like the aforementioned roubles are used to purchase weapons, ammo, firearm mods, medical supplies, and more, either via in-game NPC traders or the player-run flea market.