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A traditional seasonal event called the Noblegarden has begun in the vastness of Azeroth

While some users of MMORPG World of Warcraft continue to explore the Dark Lands, and others are already waiting for the Chains of Domination update, a traditional seasonal event called the Noblegarden has begun in the vastness of Azeroth.

This morning in the European game region of World of Warcraft, the Nobel Garden Festival, based entirely on the Easter holidays, started again, which will now be active for one week in this MMORPG and everyone interested in it will be collecting colorful again this year Eggs in some selected zones of the old game world. By collecting these hidden Easter eggs, players can then unlock a number of achievements, several very cute pets, amusing fun items and some purely cosmetic pieces of equipment for their accounts. The only real innovation from 2021 seems to be a new mini-event for the Venthyr Emberhof.

When: April 5-12
Where:  Visit Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, or Falconwing Square to join in the festivities.
Currency: Noblegarden Chocolates are used as currency during this holiday to purchase garments, mounts, pets, and other special rewards. These can be collected by completing quests and opening the eggs found in the event areas.

Some of the rewards purchaseable from the chocolates earned from the event include the Noble Gardner's Hearthstone, which sees your character traveling with a flash of light surrounded by "a flurry of springtime critters." Other items like the the Mystical Spring Bouquet, or the Swift Springstrider mount will be purchaseable during the event. Additionally, for those achievement and title hunters, those who complete the 8 Noblegarden Achievements will be granted the title, "the Noble" for your efforts.

Collecting Easter eggs:
This event is timed to coincide with Easter and involves completing special daily tasks and collecting painted eggs hidden in certain locations. At the same time, as a reward, heroes can earn special currency, which must then be exchanged with merchants for various goods, for example, toys, outfits, pets and vehicles.
  •     Lord Garridan's Egg - Players deal 50% more damage and take 50% less damage.
  •     Prince Renathal's Egg - Unique Diplomacy: The friendship growth of guests during the Gluthof is increased by 300%.
  •     Temel's Egg - Players receive bonus time in the form of 300 seconds.
  •     Theotar's Egg - The player is granted some bonus satisfaction for all of their guests.

Brightly Colored Eggs will often contain delicious chocolate you can eat or use to purchase items from the Noblegarden merchants and vendors including, toys, costumes, and mounts. These eggs can also contain a variety of special items.

You can check out the full details on the event as it runs through April 12th on the official website. For those looking forward to the next chapter in the story's Shadowlands content and can't wait for it, Robin explores why she is isn't stressed about the wait, especially now that we know the 9.1 Chains of Domination update should be hitting the PTR sometime later this month.

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