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A list of some Starlink Battle for Atlas tips that will help you during the first few hours of the game

Starlink: Battle For Atlas launched from Ubisoft Toronto. After spending many hours with Ubisoft’s new toys-to-life game, I have had a pretty fun time. However, there are a few things the game does not tell you that are integral to the game. I have compiled a list of some Starlink: Battle for Atlas tips that will help you during the first few hours of the game.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas was developed by Ubisoft. The game is set in the Atlas system. Your task is to defeat the Legion led by Grax. The distinguishing feature of this game is the use of figurines - connect them to the special controller and your vehicles and pilots will appear in the game.

Make Some Friends, Make Some Money
When you arrive on a new planet, your first priority should be to make friends with Observatories, which survey the surrounding landscape and reveal interesting places on the map. Observatories, like other outposts, can be recruited to your alliance if you do a quick mission for them. Once they're in your corner, upgrading them extends their sight – but for that, you'll need plenty of Electrum, Starlink's main currency. So your next step should be to ally with Refineries, marked by a pickaxe icon. These mining platforms will periodically kick a chunk of their profits your way, and the more you make friends with, the more Electrum they'll send you.

Elemental Combos Are Extremely Effective
Going back to the game’s combat, one way to maximise your damage is to take advantage of both of your weapon’s elements. A combination of two elements can deal massive damage to the game’s various combatants. The starter pack comes with an Ice Weapon and a Fire Weapon.

Shooting enemies with one and then the other will create a combo, dealing even more damage than regular fire. These combos are denoted by green text. If you have purchased any other Starship packs or Weapon packs, make use of purple gravity weapons as they can attack multiple enemies at once.

Choosing the Right Weapons
In Starlink, the combat is very heavily dependent on different types of weapons and it is crucial to go into a mission having the right weapons.

Make sure you check out what type of enemies you will be facing in a mission before choosing your weapons

Unlocking Your Full Strength
Your starships are much more than cool-looking weapons platforms; they're versatile, customizable, and upgradable vehicles that can be fine-tuned for a variety of tasks.

Another way to tinker with your ride is through ship and weapon mods, which you'll get regularly amongst other loot. These can give you cool perks like elemental resistance, damage boosts, longer-lasting energy ammo, and tougher armor. Some of them boost your XP and Electrum gains, too, which is a big help early on.

Observatory and Refinery Missions
While exploring the game’s first planets, Kirite and Haven, you will come across observatories and refineries. These offer missions that will reward you with a rare mod for either your weapons or ship. These rare mods are powerful and often give boosts to more than four statistics, making them valuable.

Time to enter the Atlas system. Our guide for Starlink: Battle for Atlas contains a full set of information that will help you fight with the Legion and learn Atlas' secrets.

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